Today, technology determines how we live, work, have fun, and most importantly, learn, everywhere. With mobile and wireless devices becoming an increasing need in all industries, it is inevitable to start integrating technology into schools and it is a logical approach to educate the future.

Of course, for many schools, adapting current technology to the classroom environment is not an easy strategy to control and implement. There are two main reasons for this; schools often worry that mobile devices will hinder more than support, causing more harm than good; And although schools want to use these mobile devices, wireless internet networks and infrastructures are not capable of supporting these technologies.

Whatever the reason may be, keeping technology away in the classroom is actually not beneficial for anyone, and this integration should be achieved whatever the obstacles.

Why Do Students Need Technology?

  1. If used correctly, mobile devices and apps help students prepare for their future profession.
  2. An effective way to integrate technology into the classroom environment, bringing students together with different learning techniques.
  3. Technology strengthens the interaction between teachers and students by encouraging collaboration.
  4. Technology is important for teaching students digital citizen skills. After all, using technology is one thing, using technology properly and consciously is another.
  5. Nowadays, as soon as children are born, they are introduced to technology and begin to develop their technological skills. If there is no technology in education, it cannot be avoided that children break away from the learning style they are used to and want and this causes low motivation.
  6. When new technologies such as virtual reality meet the traditional classroom setting, it is possible to open up new learning methods and opportunities.
  7. With technology, it is possible to easily access the most up-to-date source.
  8. Today, traditional passive learning has faded. With technology, the teacher is now in the position of guide, coach and encourager, and the student is the basis of learning.
  9. Technology is effective in students being responsible.
  10. Technology improves and changes the learning experience. Students can access the content they want at any time and learn whatever they want. This enables students to control their own learning experiences, to be more creative and more interactive.

In short, if we are still unable to bring our children’s learning together with technology, it means that we are missing many chances and we are falling behind the educational understanding of the future, we cannot raise innovative individuals, we cannot respond to the needs and problems of tomorrow.