Businessman, Educator, Entrepreneur

Dr. Levent Uysal

My story started with a dream.

I wake up every new day to do better with courage.

He was born in Mersin in 1968. Dr. Levent Uysal worked as a senior manager in Turkey’s leading technology companies in the business world for many years. He established the Nişantaşı Education Foundation with the works he carried out and planned in his 25 years of professional business life. He continues to be the founding chairman of NeoTech Campus, one of the most successful foundation universities in Turkey, which allows more than 40 thousand students to receive education at global standards.

Dr. With the initiatives of Levent Uysal, the university, which is a UNICEF Education Volunteer, takes part in many social responsibility projects against violence against women and on many international platforms. Dr. Levent Uysal is one of the few educational leaders who pioneered the university’s signing of the United Nations Global Partnership.



Believing in the importance of education, Dr. Levent Uysal also holds two certificates from Harvard University, ‘Technology Entrepreneurship from the Laboratory to the Market’ and ‘Starting Innovation in Schools’ from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Moreover; Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market has very important certificates such as Harvardx on edX and Launching Innovation in Schools MITx on edX.


For many years, Turkey’s leading telecom and technology companies in the senior management position of prominent innovations, Dr. At the request of his family, Uysal founded the Nişantaşı Education Foundation in 2009 to promote activities in the fields of education, health and culture. Exactly one year after the foundation of the foundation, Nişantaşı Vocational School was established and then Nişantaşı University was established in 2012, preparing thousands of students for the future with an understanding that combines technology and education. Enabling more than 40,000 students to receive education at global standards at Nişantaşı University 1453 NeoTech Campus, Dr. Levent Uysal is still the chairman of the board of directors of Nişantaşı Educational Institutions and the chairman of Nişantaşı Educational Foundation in Turkey and abroad.



Dr. Levent Uysal’s book ‘Starting Ahead with 5.0’ in March 2021 was introduced to its readers. Dr. Uysal continues to write to share all his savings with the society and especially with the youth, and his new book will be on the shelves in a very short time.

Dr. Levent Uysal is married and has two children.