Levent Uysal is the founder of Nişantaşı Education Foundation, which started education in 2010. Turkey recognizes him more in the university’s promotional ads.

One of the two sons of an academic father. Levent Uysal, who gained his first experience in trade by working with his grandfather in his childhood, worked in various business lines like many students while he was studying at Istanbul University Institute of Business and Economics, Tourism Management Department. Uysal, who was awarded by the Rectorate of Istanbul University for his achievements as a student, completed his education life with the scholarship he received from the business world. After graduation in specialist assistant position in one of Turkey’s well-established companies started working part-time were thrown into professional life. He then served as a senior executive in Turkey’s largest telecommunications company. His father, whom he lost, contributed to the structuring of Çukurova University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cevdet Uysal started his education investments at the age of 42.

He founded Nişantaşı Vocational High School in 2010 and Nişantaşı University in the 2012-2013 academic year. It was also one of approximately 30 thousand students in Turkey’s fastest growing universities. Currently, Sadabad, Osmanbey Campuses and Maslak 1453 New Technology Campus, which will be opened, are preparing to make their voice heard with new educational investments.

Uysal, who had great interest in classic cars in the past, closely follows technology and the innovations it brings. Another area of ​​interest of Uysal, who is also a good drone user with his children, is gastronomy. We talked about the higher education sector with Levent Uysal, who loves to cook and enjoys bringing together different tastes of the world:

Our goal is to do business around the world. Our work on this has started. First, we opened the English center in London. We currently have 5 different campuses in Istanbul. We are making a huge investment in Turkey in 2017. Our campus will have an area of ​​approximately 100 thousand square meters with the latest technology and equipped with the system we call neotechnology. State-of-the-art infrastructures are being established in the 1453 campus in Ayazağa.

The aim is to offer campus life to the younger generation through the technology it currently uses. Young people should use technology very well. Because the world develops here and our students should be here now. For example, even if you are a very good architect, this alone is not enough. Now, we need to raise graduates who speak English very well, who use technology well and who are adorned with ethical rules. Most important of all for us is to raise people with sustainable relationships. We are trying to provide training in this direction. going to the world’s many points for that, from what we can bring to developing the education sector, we think Turkey.

We have a dream. We are working to ensure that our young people take part in world projects. We need to give them a roadmap so that they can get jobs and be successful in world brands. Graduates can either work in academia, work professionally in companies, or manage family businesses as well as establish their own companies as entrepreneurs. Graduates of our university can use all campuses without paying any fee. Our current goal is to open campuses in five countries as Nişantaşı. We are planning to open it in Spain, we started work. Germany, Canada and Ireland are also in our plans. Agreements are made, campuses are determined. We want our children to go to these countries in the summer to get to know a culture and learn the language. Let our graduates be multilingual and multicultural.

First of all, we all need to keep up with the times. We have different business partnerships with different higher education institutions in various countries of the world. I think the next 10 years, Turkey will grow very quickly and have an infrastructure that could have a much bigger place. Many programs are doing to improve our President in Turkey academics. We strive for young academics to improve themselves. We will grow with education. We want to take a family’s three-year-old child and hand it over to them at the age of 23. We have two different brands at primary and secondary level. Someone is Biltes College. We have 7 campuses. We will go to 12 campuses in 2020. We are planning to invest in a British school in particular, we are currently negotiating with a brand. We also have a food and health business. We have a fresh fruit production center on an area of ​​8 thousand decares in a place owned by our family. A firm producer of Turkey. We have two different brands related to health, and we are financial partners to them. We are also in the aesthetic sector, we are trying to grow it.