Motivation is the Key of Success

Motivation is the Key of Success


We all have goals in life that we want to achieve, the common point of these goals is to run non-stop to reach them and never give up. I owe everything I’ve accomplished in my own life to getting up stronger when I fall. If I’m described as successful today, it’s only because I remember my goals every time I get tired. You all know, we look at the people we see on the street, who have achieved the life we want, with envy and sometimes critically, but we never think; how they got here. Everyone pays the price for their goals and the life they want. It goes through being very tired, not being able to spare time for loved ones, being sleep deprived and worries of daily life. At this point, I can say that when you start to reap the rewards of your efforts, that slight smile on your face gives the answer “it was worth it”.


Inner Questions Lead the Way!


Another issue is the power to ask questions and make decisions in line with our goals. I often meet with young people and listen to them, but there is something I see that they all have bright eyes, but they have question marks in their minds about what they want and can do. Ask yourself, don’t get tired of asking and answering. Every question you ask yourself leads to the final answer. Not knowing what you really want, you just get worn out and get away from the goals that are waiting for an answer inside you. Can a real question change your life? A well thought out answer can change your life.


Leave Your Comfort Zone


I’m sure you’ve read and heard a lot about the comfort zone. Although it may seem like an ordinary mold that has been put into people’s mouths for many people, it is not exactly as it is perceived. When you look at people who have truly achieved something in life, you will see that they are all people who leave their comfort zone and turn to new experiences. That’s why they’ve all been able to take really bold steps at some point.


Your comfort zone will make you feel good, and you may feel more organized and disciplined, but it’s just because you’re standing still. To stop means to be content with where it is and not wanting more. Well, the journey awaits you one step further! Yes, there is always one more step and it will not be as difficult as the first. The more you climb, the stronger you will become, the more you achieve, the less you will be defeated.


At this point, I would like to summarize what I said. Motivation lies behind starting to ask yourself internal questions and taking the first step to leave your comfort zone. First of all, you should think about what you want to achieve. Then you should ask yourself the reasons why you want success and start by taking the first step. Remember that the key to success is within you!