The Absence of People or the Existence of Machines!

To say this from the beginning; Scientists dealing with artificial intelligence discuss this issue among themselves, but it is a little different from us. While a group of scientists thought that humanoid artificial intelligence would be the product of an organic-inorganic human brain already combined at the level of the machine and the brain, and therefore there would be no conflict, we would be a symbiotic symbiote life; The other group of scientists stated that human beings are in danger with artificial intelligence, but this danger does not arise from artificial intelligence; They think that humans will fight for artificial intelligence, or that human beings will pose a danger to themselves as usual, since artificial intelligence will not be interested in humans at all. In both cases, the “annihilate human” situation of artificial intelligence, which we see in movies, is not discussed much. It is very meaningful that human beings care about themselves so much in science fiction, just as they do in theology, and thinks that they are the target of attention. Homosapiens again thinks as befits his own limitlessness.

Human existence was always in danger. Most of the time, his biggest threat was himself.