Dr. Levent Uysal, the founder of Nişantaşı Education Foundation, made a statement after the treacherous attack on the Turkish soldier in Idlib, Syria.

By stating that Assad and the regime elements will be paid a heavy price by the Turkish army after the vicious attack, Levent Uysal said, “In this treacherous attack on our soldiers in Idlib, our Turkish army will destroy any threats and dangers that will appear in the region. In this sense, we trust our army until the end.”

Levent Uysal continued his words by saying “One dies, one thousand resurrects and invited the Turkish Nation to come together and not to be provoked.

Uysal said, “With this attack, we have seen how right we are in our fight in the region. The day is a day of unity and solidarity. In this sense, I would like to state that we are with them in every decision to be taken by our government. We must give the necessary response to the enemies of Turkey as one heart. I wish that these attacks in the region, which was carried out in the Mubarak Regaib Kandili and caused 33 soldiers to be martyred, to end. I wish mercy from Allah to our martyrs who died in this treacherous attack on our soldiers in Idlib, and urgent healing to our wounded. “