Participating in Educaturk Education Fair in Trabzon yesterday and today, Nişantaşı University’s London Campus Black Sea launch attracts attention. Speaking at the fair, Nişantaşı Education Foundation founder Levent Uysal said, “Young people are interested in our London Campus. All of them are now aware that foreign languages ​​are as important as choosing a profession.
There are approximately 25 universities in the Trabzon fair, where a total of 66 high schools, including state and private, come to visit. Nişantaşı University Education Fairs Coordinator Hatice Karataş also informed students about the London Campus at the fair, where many seminars such as exam anxiety, stress and motivation, transition system to higher education, examination, not winning in the exam, CV preparation, health profession selection, YGS-LYS success strategies were given.
Speaking at the fair, Levent Uysal said, “Our youth are mostly; ‘Will everyone be able to go to the London Campus?’, ‘What will the students expect there?’, ‘What is the duration of education in London?’, ‘How much extra expense will it create for the student?’ is the expenditure required for the school to help? ‘,’ will you get any certificate-related training received? ‘,’ is this certificate will be valid in Turkey? ‘ They focus on questions such as. We satisfy their curiosity as much as we can, they are really very interested, “he said.
Uysal stated that they opened their first foreign campuses in London, the capital of England, and that no additional tuition fee will be charged for the London Campus where all students can go to study on a semester or yearly basis and they will stay in the dormitories under the supervision of the university. “Our students will learn English in their homeland with this campus that we have created so that they can improve themselves internationally.”