Levent Uysal, founder of Nişantaşı Education Foundation, said, “If I wanted to, I would open 5 factories. However, I wanted to hand over the key of our future to trained manpower for a more peaceful world”.

One of the founders of Çukurova University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cevdet Uysal’s son, Levent Uysal, while working as a senior manager in many important companies of the business world, was continuing his researches and investigations, taking as reference his father’s “Invest in education” will. “Education supporter” Levent Uysal, who closely follows the developments and innovations in the education world, explains the beginning of the story as “I wanted to evaluate people not with numbers but with their abilities and guide them to be successful”.

Nişantaşı University, which started its education life as Nişantaşı Vocational School in 2010 with the aim of contributing to human development and succeeded to make a name for itself with both undergraduate and graduate departments, is a graduate who has universal values, is equipped with the necessary knowledge, knows a foreign language, is self-confident and shapes the changes in the world. is taking firm steps towards becoming a university. The university, which is at least as “alive” as young people on social platforms, speaks the same language with young people and offers the opportunity to become a student in Istanbul, one of Europe’s most dynamic cities.

Education Foundation Founder Nisantasi, Levent Uysal, is close to 200 universities in Turkey and especially higher education, he said that significant progress in recent years. New Turkey, 2023 in line in order to continue with a qualified spell universities big responsibility that tame Levent underlines, as the world was all over that spent on training an important part of the resources in Turkey, he said.

Stating that economic growth depends on human capital and therefore people should devote most of their lives to education, Uysal said, “When we look at the world map, it is noteworthy that the education level is low in regions where war and terror are most common. The only way to beat this is education. Today, the whole world acknowledges that promoting quality education will prevent many problems. As the world is going, everywhere I go they ask me the question “Why is the education sector and not another investment?” If I wanted to, I would open 5 factories. That’s not the problem. The problem is to be able to hand over the key to our future for a more peaceful world to trained manpower, to put trained personnel in the factory and to contribute to the formation of a common ground in seeking solutions ”.

Stating that education is the most important tool to benefit from development and changes and to minimize negativities, Levent Uysal stated that universities are institutions that constantly monitor the developments in the society and the world, predict developments, develop innovations, produce solutions, contribute to society and humanity. . Underlining that it would be a narrow approach to define universities as institutions that only provide education, provide diplomas or conduct research, Levent Uysal said that higher education should take into account the needs of the society and that it has made a lot of progress in recent years.

Things that research results that give direction to continue progress in the field of higher education expressing Uysal, “Universities, both quantitatively and in order to contribute to the new Turkey’s 2023 target needs to continue to evolve qualitatively. Higher education should meet the needs of the society and develop projections for them. The knowledge and skills of the people increase in line with the education they receive. Now, our people easily adapt to the tough competition conditions of the foreign market. Because our education is going global. Our young people, who speak several languages, work all over the world as a source of pride. Today, the same education is applied in the well-known universities of Europe and America.

Nisantasi University when installing only stating that they aimed to become one of the most prestigious training centers in the world is not the Turkey Levent Uysal, has reiterated his belief that success and said strong policy and we believe that with the support of our republic that yıldızlaştığı the quality of education in the 100th, we will see a completely different Turkey. As Nişantaşı University, we made all our investments accordingly. We believe that with the advent of the new Turkey’s new educational approach, “he said.