Very soon, it will be inevitable that large armies formed with countless resources will be defeated by a few computers or a few people. So much so that, thanks to artificial intelligence, maybe even humans will not be needed. With this new environment, not only the form of wars but also their actors are changing. Now, not only states, but also organizations, groups and individuals can become a party.
War technologies have emerged throughout history with the instinct of existence. Production of simple tools such as spears and arrows in order not to starve and protect from wild animals; war with other tribes and finding swords and shields for more resources; The history of wars is an adventure, from firearms, cannons, tanks, planes, bombs, to advanced technology and online environment, as a show of power, to be the pioneer of development and change, to be the main figure in the political structure.
To say that the wars of the future will be technology-based is too superficial for me, because change has already begun and technology has already reached a position that directs the form of war. Instead of saying that it will be like this in the future and trying to prepare itself and watching this change, it is necessary to act in order to be in the position of managing this change and development. What we talk about when we talk about technology will not be the robot soldiers, laser guns, spaceships that we only see in movies like the Terminator, as we imagined in the time. After all, nothing ages and changes as quickly as our visions, ideas and imaginations for the future we had in the past.
So what exactly is this technology that changes the course of wars? Nowadays, the existence of an offline environment is almost out of question. Countries, institutions, cities, buildings, people are becoming more and more connected to each other every second. This environment also brings along cyber wars. Cyber ​​warfare can be defined as the totality of digital attacks and defenses on information systems of an organization or country in order to gain strategic and military superiority. Especially in the last 10 years, there has been an increase in cyber attacks, after all, why should this be done by spending more resources and time when you can have a strategic trump against a country by spending less resources? In the cyber environment, it is possible to access a country’s weapon technologies, defense industry, health services, financial technologies such as the stock market.

Thanks to cyber attacks, with less resources, manpower, and less time, more defense and attack chances are seized, moreover, it is less risky. For this reason, countries such as Russia, China, the USA, Israel, North Korea, and Iran both prepare against cyber attacks and continue to carry out their own cyber environment operations. Companies in the USA are trying to resist more than 1000 cyberattacks every day and the budget allocated for the measures taken to defend against cyber attacks is $ 15 billion.
Attacks such as Moonlight Maze, Titan Rain, Ghostnet that have taken place in the last decade are the greatest proof of the existence and progress of cyber attacks. It also shows us that very recently, it will be inevitable that large armies formed with countless resources will be defeated by a few computers and a few people. So much so that, thanks to artificial intelligence, maybe even humans will not be needed. With this new environment, not only the shape of the wars but also their actors are changing. Now, not only states but also organizations, groups and individuals can become parties. For example, a DDos attack, which is very dangerous for organizations, can now be downloaded from the internet for only $ 10 and can be applied by individuals. Apart from new parties, new strategies, concepts, rules and practices started to emerge.
However, the importance of cyber defense and strategies cannot be underestimated. In the next decade, just as we lock our doors for our own physical safety, fasten our belts in the car, wear our helmets while riding a motorcycle, in the same way our awareness of cybersecurity will be increased and we will have routines for our cybersecurity. Depending on the increasing cyber attacks and the importance of cyber security, countries with qualified defense and strategies against cyber attacks will be countries that hold the power, and the way to be one of these countries is to be open to change and to be able to manage change. While everything is at our fingertips with a single click, you can instantly access an event on the other side of the world, and you can intervene instantly; Failing to follow the changes of the digital age, not adapting the soldiers to the digital world, directing all of the resources to the studies carried out for superiority in the old-style war environment, not being able to train digital soldiers who know the new cyber environment will cause us to be too late for change in the near future. However, a person who uses his intelligence correctly, turns to the right tools and distributes resources correctly; now far superior to those who use guns, tanks and rifles. Unfortunately, tech-scared, both in and out of reality; We are in a society structure that cannot be used effectively, let alone manage and direct. On the one hand, it incorporates technology into every aspect of our lives and benefits from the convenience it brings; On the other hand, we constantly complain about his presence and disparage him. We do not understand it, we do not try to understand it, we cannot integrate it into our lives properly. However, in the cyber war era, the first thing we need to do to be a strong figure is; We must understand that we must stop using technology alone and become the ruler of it. We must invest in cyber defense and strategy areas, train soldiers who know this area and can control this area. In the very near future, wars will be fully integrated into the digital environment and those who manage this environment will have a say in the management of the world. In order to be strong in this field, it is necessary to carry out studies in the field of cyber defense in institutions that produce science and politics, and to ensure the continuity of these studies, but only in this way can we exist in the digital age we are in and provide an environment of peace.

M5 Magazine – April 2019