On July 15, 2016, we wrote a great national epic.

The struggle for democracy, which started with our impure nation taking to the streets in order not to allow a coup, from the moment the bridge was closed, succeeded with the neutralization of the treacherous terrorist organization.

July 15 was a turning point for this country …

Because with July 15 this nation; He said that only he will decide on his management style!

Because with July 15 this nation; showed that believing in a leader, under his leadership, he can die for the indivisible integrity of his homeland!

Because with July 15 this nation; He said that he alone had the say and showed that no one can be stronger than the will of the nation!

July 15 was a turning point… Because we all witnessed the emergence of the heroes in our nation…

On the bridge, we saw the love of the nation, the love of the nation, the belief of those who lie in front of the tanks, and the women who stood upright at the ends of the barrels of the terrorists.

Ömer Halisdemir, who changed the course of the fight with the bullet he fired and Erol Olçok who was a shield against the bullets with his son on the bridge, and many other heroes still exist and are within us; We witnessed that this nation cannot see anything in the eyes of the patriarch in question. We both witnessed this and the whole world recognized once again this impure nation that loves its homeland.

On this occasion, I commemorate our July 15 martyrs with mercy and respect our veterans.

I would like to thank all the state officials, especially our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for their strong stance, for guiding our nation and us in the right way and protecting our homeland at the cost of their lives.

An epic was written in these lands on July 15th… and folks wrote this epic, we wrote it all together!